Leaf Removal and Gutter Cleaning

We offer leaf removal and gutter cleaning services to maintain the overall appearance of your property and to help keep your yard beautiful, and your gutters from overflowing or becoming insect nests.

Gutter Cleanup

Gutter cleaning starts at $55 for walkable roofs. As part of Lilburn Landsacpe’s full service landscape maintenance, we offer gutter cleaning. Full gutters and downspouts don’t allow water to properly drain off of your roof. Decomposing leaves and branches built up in your gutters provide shelter for insects and animals.

Clogged gutters and downspouts can cause water problems in and around your foundation, ceilings, and walls. Have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year to maintain good water flow off of your property. Gutter cleaning may be needed more often if you have lots of trees near your home, or overhanging your roof.


Fall leaf removal.

We can help with fall leaf clean up and removal, just like we mowed your grass all season, rely on us for all of your yard maintenance needs.

Fall leaf clean up starts at $55 per visit.  A thick blanket of fall leaves on your lawn invites mold and fungus.  Fall leaf build up can also prevent lawn treatments like fertilizing, aeration, and seeding from being fully effective.  It’s best to take care of fall leaf clean up now, rather than deal with the costly expense of nursing your lawn back to health or reseeding bare spots later.