Fixing Yard Drainage Problems

Do you have any of these drainage problems in your yard?

backyard flooding

Poor water drainage across your yard can create costly problems for homeowners and property owners.  Erosion, standing water, basement leaks, poor water flow, and grass/shrub/tree deterioration can all be caused by yard drainage issues.

Standing water can be a health issue, as it can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insect pests.   Pooling water can contribute to soil compaction, grass deterioration,  and poor health of shrubs and trees in your yard.  Poor drainage across a property can cause water to pool against foundations, create basement and crawlspace leaks, or erode soil around walkways and driveways.

french drain for backyard

Drainage Solutions

dry creek bed

If your property has problematic water drainage, Lilburn Landscape has a drainage solution to remedy it:

  • Regrade your yard.
  • Perform maintenance and clear clogged yard and area drains.
  • Install yard and area drains, including French drains.
  • Install dry creek beds to redirect water.

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