Commercial and Residential Irrigation Repair and Maintenance


Irrigation Repair

Lilburn Landscape offers $85 same day service calls, which includes visual inspection, and minor fixes, excluding parts replacement or digging.

Lilburn Landscape offers year round irrigation system and maintenance and repairs to both commercial and residential properties in Lilburn, and nearby cities.

Regular maintenance ensures that the sprinkler system will perform efficiently and effectively year after year.  Poorly or improperly maintained irrigation systems run the risk of wasting water, under-watering, or spraying water unequally across the landscape.  These issues may be caused by leaky valves or pipes, water pressure problems, clogged nozzles, or sunken and improperly aligned heads.


Sprinkler head replacement

Controller repair/replacement

Irrigation valve locating and repair

Lawn irrigation system adjustments

Broken pipe repairs, and maintenance

Underground sprinkler winterization