Lawn Mowing Service & Landscape Maintenance

Lawn mowing services start at $40 for weekly service.

I take a lot of pride in saying that I’m good at mowing, and have always provided prompt and reliable lawn care and maintenance.   I have mowed a lot of lawns in my career, and in my experience,  the secret to getting and keeping your customers is dependability.   

Lawn Mowing

lawn mowing

A few years ago I stopped using those big commercial mowers opting instead for a standard 21 inch commercial walk behind. This is just healthier for your grass.  It looks better after mowing and doesn’t leave tractor tracks in your yard. This may take me a little longer, but the results are worth it!

Lawn Mowing Services

I also do weed control, and landscape maintenance in the Lilburn and Duluth areas, and the areas between and around those cities.

For mowing, weed control, and aeration of your yard, call 404-422-6583.